Our expert team at Mastar Events is dedicated to precisely execute the workflow necessary to make each seminar successful, where our years of combined experience come into play.


Technological seminars allow global industries to open more doors for others and compete with a worldwide audience across different platforms. Businesses and government associations use such platforms to create awareness. With fees, sponsorships, trade shows and live internet streaming, our events can generate a healthy income. It therefore makes sense to take advantage of your investment through downloading seminars and making it available for others to benefit with a globally wider reach.

By providing edited videos for future seminars, we can generate a different buzz for your audience, thus not limiting your content to a single day event, making it work for you onwards after. We promote other seminars, conference meetings, presentations and new upcoming software demonstrations, so the remote audience also have advantage on what the future holds for them in their domain. We sell contents, recordings, presentations by means of streaming or charging a fee though subscription marketing prior to watching the event, which apply a pay-per-view charge.

Create a unique buzz for your audiences, using technology, the web and video seminars and more. Engage your audience globally with ease.


  • How much investment is required for running events.

  • How we are reaching out to your potential audience and what is required.

  • The best value for your budget, using our expertise to drive your cost down and secure a best deal.