Deriving a conclusive realisation, we at Mastar Events emotively and intuitively comprehend that millions of people travelling thousands of miles daily on business trips by airplanes, cars, buses, trains and ships leads to extreme expenditure that is both financially costly and environmentally detrimental.


Our alternative solution can make the end goal more efficient and economical, streamlining personal lifestyles with a beneficial outcome to a greener future for our planet, where a low carbon footprint can be reduced by using new emerging technologies while saving your time to focus your efforts in other more prominent areas, therefore efficiently streamlining your business potential.

We are also aware that airplane emissions are already a major problem with high pollution rates, where financial limitations and current technology cannot factor a viable solution to the issues at hand. The basic problem is that the weight of batteries needed to provide enough electrical power for air lift in an aircraft to take off would be far too great. It may be possible to power small aircraft with batteries for 3 or 4 passengers for couple of hours, but more than that seems highly unlikely at present.

So.. until aeronautical scientists and engineers research and execute a new power source capable of delivering a lot of power without being too heavy, we are stuck with high costs at the expense of a high carbon footprint. Carbon-based fuels or slower travel by electric vehicles and ships are the only solution at present.

The UK government are among the first to pledge a zero-carbon emissions policy by 2050.

At Mastar Events, we have decided to play our part for a greener environment paving the way for future generations ahead. Our solution negates the problematic greenhouse effect issues for the current times we live and breathe in.

Our alternative approach eliminates transport and travel costs. We not only save our attendees money, but also cut down our carbon footprint.


  • Reducing attendee costs.

  • Low carbon footprint by cutting down emissions.

  • Contributing to a healthier environment.

  • No need to travel.

  • Advancing forward with the latest tech.

  • No need for printed materials, with digital media instead.

  • Attend at your own leisure, fitting in with your schedule.

  • More interactive sessions.

  • Greater business potential.