At Mastar Events, we tell a compendium of stories relating to the issues of environment, plastic waste, CO2 reduction, how to revive the environment and how to grow your own organic food, plus much more.


Our mission is important to us and client satisfaction is of the upmost importance, thus providing a unique service of arranging high quality memorable and effective seminars is the key to success, with dedication, drive, support, flexibility, strong ethics, expertly experienced speakers and extensive choices of subjects with vast an intricate knowledge of each domain.

We help you understand and take action by calling in the top experts of their respective fields, who are fully aware of the objectives within our seminars, therefore, they are ready to help provide solutions on how to achieve your goals. Our objectives are made to save time, energy and money by directing our target audience to our seminars via our website, social media and webinars. Our seminars are interactive to users with the freedom to ask questions in realtime wherever they are in the world.

Delegates can add value to their individual or company profiles by attending our online sessions.  They can download and share relevant contents and experience with their colleagues. A huge advantage is that users can track what questions been asked, what opinion polls have taken place, what surveys been done afterwards, and all other feedback that has taken place within that seminar.

We also provide a larger audience of exposure for our sponsors, accommodating them with slots, branding adverts and website banners, benefiting all parties, where our expenditure can be offset by their production costs. We know that no two seminars will be the same, meaning that we could be running one seminar on climate benefits and the next day why we need plastic law. We are an experienced team of event organisers.

We call in the top experts from their respective fields. Our speakers are fully aware of the objectives within our seminars.


  • A greener future for generations to come.

  • Educating people on how to take part in saving the planet

  • Lowering our carbon footprint.

  • Reducing costs for our audience.

  • Greater exposure for sponsors.

  • Save the ozone layer

  • Preserve nature, marine and wildlife.

  • A plastic free world.

  • Lower use of electricity.

  • Eliminate travel costs.

  • Revive the environment.

  • Teach people how to grow their own healthy organic food and to become self-efficient.

  • Improve health standards.

  • Reduce and control industrial waste pollution