Who We Are

8 years ago, a group of experts from various backgrounds with a vast knowledge of different fields, decided to create a company that provides quality IT consultancy to the global business sectors around the world.


During our business travels overseas, we realised that millions of people are travelling thousands of miles daily by airplanes, which obviously, is not good for our environment, health, bank accounts and the future of our kids.

We realised that with the current technology in the world today, we can be more efficient and emit less carbon in the air, leaving a cleaner environment by playing our part and covering a whole spectrum of events, whilst appreciating timescales and budgets.

Each event is uniquely constructed with our extensive experience and most importantly, when it comes to staging informative events, you can be rest assured that you won’t have to worry about asking questions. These events will be adding value to our clients’ businesses.

With the UK government to be among the first to pledge a zero-carbon emissions policy by 2050, clearly something must be done.

At Mastar Events we have a solution.

With technology we can reduce our carbon footprint to help save the planet and leave a greener future for generations to come..