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Mastar Events have launched their first book ‘Garbage Island.’ Garbage Island combines factual information alongside a fictional story with characters that children will engage with. Characters throughout the book help the reader learn how we can become better at caring for our planet

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Educational seminars for a greener world,
to save the environment.

The world today is in environmental trouble and we need to do something about it. We can’t just sit back while it’s destroyed by greed and ignorance.

Join us on a journey to make a change and save our planet, by educating societies and equipping them with the knowledge to restore the damage that has been done, before it’s too late. Let’s work together and discuss a new greener future.

Our planet is dying, our wildlife and marine-life is in danger of extinction and we need to take action now, while it’s still reversible and salvageable. The future is in our hands and future generations depend on our unified actions by working together.

With a prime focus on our mission and business goals, tonnes of technological experience has taught us over the years to engineer our seminars to perfection, effectively communicating the current global environmental crisis with a means of transforming our world for a better tomorrow.

We tell the story of plastic waste, greenhouse gases, how to revive the environment and how to grow your own organic foods for a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s come together and make a stand for a brighter future.



Your generous contribution allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world. We run conservation projects with our partners, seeking the most constructive solutions.


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Our environment, the air that we breathe, the seas, the food we eat and the world that we live in, are most important to us. We are making sure that we support our industries to save money and create more opportunities for them to grow in prosperity, with a cleaner and carbon free environment. We focus our attention and resources on such areas that our governments have highlighted as reviving the environment to help them deliver organic soil conditioner to grow, educating regarding Industrial waste, lower electricity usage, climate benefit and changes.